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Specialising in selling prime residential houses and flats in the South West London area including Wandsworth Common, Balham, Clapham, Battersea, Earlsfield, Tooting and Streatham.

With considerable combined experience as well as a passion for the area and people, we will guide you through moving home every step of the way.

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A.B. SW17

'A superb team...'


'I cannot recommend Rymer Irens enough!...'

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'Ben and Duncan changed our view of Estate Agents!...'

R.T-H SW16

'Excellent service...'

H.W-W SW17

'Thanks for your hard work...'

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'Duncan and Ben are excellent to work with...'

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'You really have made a difference to the process and did everything you could to make it go as smootly as possible...'

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'In danger of giving estate agents a good name!!...'

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'How fab Rymer Irens is!...'

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'Professional in the extreme...'

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'We would reccomend Rymer Irens every time...'

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'Confident in my choice of Rymer Irens...'

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'The most effective and professional estate agents...'

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'We wouldn't be in our new home without you...'

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'Appreciated the helpful and professional manner...'

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'Thorough, professional and conscientious...'

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'We would definitely recommend you...'

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'You have been superb...'

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'A totally professional and trustworthy business you are...'

N.B. SW2

'Angus was extremely helpful...'

S.F. SW16

'Needless to say we are very, very grateful...'

R.L. SW17

'The right agents to sell our property...'

S.J. SW17

'Heads and shoulders above all other agents...'

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'Nothing was too much trouble...'

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'Hard-working, enthusiatic and genuinely nice guys...'

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'Nothing was ever too much trouble...'

E.T.-S. SW18

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'Attentive, helpful, sincere and good at your jobs...'

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'Extremely professional with local knowledge and understanding...'

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'RI were tireless in their enthusiasm...'

C.C.-B. SW12

'Great experience from start to finish...'

L.K. SW18

'This is me, signing off, with profound gratitude......'

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'Thank you for your hard work - we would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends...'

J.B. SW12

'I was very impressed with your attention and diligence from the start...'

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'Thank you so much for all the hard work...'

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'You are by far the most effective and efficient of all the local estate agents...'

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'We must register our appreciation for the friendly, cheerful but never less than thoroughly professional assistance we received...'

R.B. SW17

'I just wanted to write and thank you personally for the truly great job you did...'

S.O. SW12

'The way in which you marketed the property so carefully...'

V.B. SW17

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