Market Comment

Market Update - January 2017

1st of February 2017

Happy New Year!  Apart from a few lingering coughs and colds (I think we all got away lightly this year), we are pleased to see that we are already being instructed to market a number of rather lovely homes, all of which we are genuinely confident will sell.

The last quarter of 2016 saw the vast majority of our stock being sold and as we got closer to Christmas, many future house-sellers that we met decided (quite understandably) to wait until the holidays were over, schools were back, before putting their homes up for sale.  After all, the first six months of any year are traditionally the busiest time for people to move home as many want to make their move prior to Easter with others waiting for the summer holidays.

So far, we are thrilled to say, we have been asked to sell a gorgeous 5 bedroom family house on Wandle Road, SW17 for £2,250,000 – beautifully done inside (great colours and feel) and a lovely big garden.  With Finton House (a very popular school around here!) on the same road, we’re sure demand will be big for this house.

We also have an immaculately presented and larger than normal, 2,452 sq ft, 5 bedroom house on Nevis Road, SW17 for £1,600,000.  All the rooms are impressive in size & décor and the attractive, and easy to maintain, rear garden faces west.  We’ve sold many houses within this neighbourhood over the years – it’s clearly a very desirable place to live (I am also being biased as I lived one road away for 10 years). 

And for those feeling like they want a New Year challenge, a very attractive house on The Telford Park Conservation Area is now for sale.  It’s on Thornton Avenue, SW2 and is close to the junction with Telford Avenue – asking price £1,525,000.  A handsome semi-detached house needing to be completely renovated – ideal for those who want to create a bespoke family house within a very social, friendly and popular neighbourhood.  Oh, the house also has off street parking which is a real bonus.

Along with lots of new market appraisals (and pretty much all of them, so far at least, seem keen and ready to move sooner rather than later), we’re certain there’ll be more coming on as the year progresses which is great to see!

As for viewings, they’re picking up as well - there’s already a lot more interest in the Charles Baker Place development (another cottage has recently gone under offer) – and buyers remain as keen as ever to find their next home.

As always, if any of you know of anyone we might be able to help, do please let us know.  We love our business, even more so (if that’s possible!) after last year and we get such a thrill in helping people move.  Thank you.

Quarterly Market Comment

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