Market Comment

Market Update - December 2017

1st of December 2017

Looking down Bellevue Road this morning, I could have been mistaken for thinking Christmas was just around the corner - pretty much all the shops & businesses have put their decorations up already (it is STILL November, btw!)!  And to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out!), we’ve now put ours up – well, Duncan and Olivia have and I have to say they look jolly smart!

Reflecting on 2017, it feels like we’ve all worked harder than ever before which, I guess, is no bad thing – after all, it is our business.  We have definitely increased our presence within Wandsworth Common this year which is great to see, winning a lot more business and a lot of these clients were through word of mouth which is always nice to see. 

We have also helped a lot of families & couples move home during 2017, all of them a genuine delight to deal with.  Just because they have moved doesn’t mean that we are no longer in touch – far from it, in fact.  Some great, new friendships have been made this year.

Since The Budget a couple of weeks ago, we’ve also noticed a significant pick-up especially within the £600k - £1.5m price bracket.  We have received a lot more interest on two flats that we are marketing on these three roads:

Blandfield Road, SW12 - £625k – a fun, 1st and top floor, split-level two double bedroom flat, close to Clapham South

Lyford Road, SW18 - £795k – a beautifully presented, again 1st and top floor, split level flat overlooking Wandsworth Common

Hearnville Road, SW12 - £885k – a stunning split level three double bedroom flat, close to Balham

We also have firm interest brewing on:

Burntwood Lane, SW17 - £1.195m

Collamore Avenue, SW18 - £1.325m

33 Nottingham Road, SW17 - £1.4m

33 Herondale Avenue, SW18 - £2.675m

Recent exchanges

We exchanged on this wonderfully unique house on Telford Avenue, SW2:

Whilst it is great that the soon-to-be new owners are a) lovely and b) will be in in time for Christmas, I will personally miss our client a lot.  She’s been amazing throughout, we’ve spoken pretty much daily and I think she now knows more about me than I think I even do!!!  Oh, she and my father-in-law have also become long-distant (he lives in Wales) pottery buddies!

We also recently exchanged on this lovely house on Brenda Road, SW17:

Again, another move out/move in this side of Christmas!

For now, I think that’s enough waffling from me for this year!  Duncan, Olivia and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support during 2017 and to wish you all a fab Christmas and New Year!  Hasta 2018!

Quarterly Market Comment

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